Services & Programs

The NeighborWorks Home Ownership Center of Worcester offers an extensive menu of services and programs to train, counsel, and finance both potential homebuyers and veteran homeowners. NeighborWorks Home Ownership Center coordinates and supplements these services, including extensive referrals, within a “first-stop, one-stop” setting, enabling more residents to realize and retain their dream of being a home owner.

Homeownership Promotion for Homebuyers

  • Orientations
  • Family credit debt counseling
  • Information for First Time Homebuyers
  • First Time Home Buyer training
  • Reviewing affordable mortgage products
  • Landlord training
  • Financial literacy training
  • Reverse mortgage info
  • Assistance in and applications for newly built or rehabbed properties funded by one or more public and/or private sources for the benefit of low-and-moderate income families

Homeownership Preservation

  • Avoiding delinquencies & foreclosures
  • Identifying and avoiding risky financial offers and services
  • Lending counseling & options
  • Home repair and maintenance
  • Effective, fair tenant and real estate management
  • Foreclosure counseling (
  • Tenant management
  • Financial management
  • Review of refinancing documentation

Home Rehab

  • Generating specifications
  • Home improvement or de-leading
  • Assistance in selecting construction firms
  • Managing a construction project
  • Home renovations for senior care

Flexible Loan Products

  • Education on adjustable vs. fixed rate mortgages
  • Assessing which loan programs you may qualify for
  • Home down payment loan advising
  • Down payment assistance
  • Loans & programs for a home improvements